Corporate Social

Giving Back To Society, One Step At A Time.

Education, Medical Health, Food, Employment & Spirituality - Delight Chemicals Pvt. Ltd has been instrumental in uplifting the society in every facet of welfare and development. Every year our Boggavarapu Seetha Ramaiah Memorial Training Center provides thousands of children with free education & vocational training, along with free food, transportation, training materials & school uniforms. Our yearly medical camps offer free medical check-ups, diagnosis, and treatment for people across all age groups in faraway remote villages. Under Sri Palnadu Akhilabharata Nityaannadana Sathram Trust, our group has power welfare programs that feed hundreds and thousands of the needy and destitute. Our group also took it upon ourselves to restore the spiritual light in Piduguralla by revamping and restructuring the Sri Satya Sai Temple in Piduguralla. There are many facets for welfare and development, and our group makes it a point to cover as many facets as possible to ensure all-round development.