Management Team

Management Team Of Delight Chemicals and SURYA CEM

Management Team

The Pillars of Delight Chemicals - The Force behind Our Success

Dr.Kotha Venkata Subba Rao | Chairman and Managing Director | Delight Chemicals
Sri Kotha Venkata Subba Rao
Chairman & Managing Director

The Founder and CMD of Delight Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Dr K.V Subba Rao, is a pioneer in the white wash industry with an outstanding 45-year track record of remarkable success. A stalwart in the industry, his innovative ideas and practices have revolutionized the production and distribution of white wash products in India.

Under his leadership, Delight Chemicals has grown to become a household name, recognized for its brand name, SURYACEM, and now manufactures and trades 200+ products with a dealer network of 1,50,000 retail dealers all over India.

Dr Subba Rao's contributions to the white wash industry have been duly recognized by both government and industry authorities with numerous awards and achievements at state and national levels, including the "Udyog Ratna" award in 1994, the "Best Rural Entrepreneur" award in 2010 and an Honorary Doctorate from Asia Vedic Culture University.

Sri Vudatha Rama Vara Prasada Rao | Finance Director | Delight Chemicals
Shri Udatha Rama
Vara Prasada Rao
Finance Director

With over 40+ years of experience in the white wash industry, Sri Udatha Rama Vara Prasada Rao is a stalwart in financial management. As the Finance Director of Delight Chemicals, he has been instrumental in shaping the financial strategy to ensure the company's growth and success for 4 decades now.

A hands-on leader, Shri URV Prasad Rao garu plays a pivotal role in developing financial plans, managing budgets, forecasting financial trends, and overseeing the financial reporting of all our companies under Delight Chemicals. With his sharp business acumen and astute financial knowledge, he helped in the smooth sailing of operations while maintaining our competitive edge.

A pillar of Delight Chemicals, Shri URV Prasad Rao garu's extensive experience and expertise in financial management have been invaluable to Delight Chemicals. Under his leadership, Delight Chemicals has successfully navigated through financial and market challenges to emerge as a financially stable and prosperous company.

Sri Kotha Sivaiah | Executive Director | Delight Chemicals
Sri Kotha Sivaiah
Executive Director

A leader and visionary in the adhesive, paint and chemical industries, Shri Kotha Sivaiah oversee all aspects of Delight's operations, including finance, marketing and human resources. Known for his ability to drive change, inspire teams, and execute strategies with precision, Shri Kotha Sivaiah has achieved exceptional results and played a crucial role in expanding the company's footprint in the market.

He also serves as the Managing Director of Surya Colors Products Ltd where he is responsible for executing strategies that drive growth and profitability. As a seasoned industrialist, he also has the proprietor of Vijayalaxmi Adhesives, where he has established a strong reputation for delivering high-quality products and services to customers.

With more than 33 years of industry experience, Mr Sivaiah’s unique mastery of execution and leadership skills, coupled with his and entrepreneurial spirit, has made him an invaluable asset to the our organization.

Surya Boggavarapu | Director of Marketing | Delight Chemicals
Boggavarapu Surya
Director of Marketing
With a robust educational background in marketing and a passion for business, Mr Surya has been a driving force behind our business conglomerate's branding and marketing success. Starting from the ground up, he began his career as a marketing associate, despite his family's legacy in the industry.

Over the last 15 years, Mr Surya's expertise and experience have flourished, accompanied by an outstanding track record of achievements. This exceptional trajectory has propelled him to the top, establishing him as an esteemed leader in branding and marketing. Under his leadership, our conglomerate's 50+ unique brands have become household names, thanks to his potent marketing strategies and execution.

Mr Surya's foresight and strategic initiative have played a pivotal role in establishing and fortifying our presence in some of the most challenging markets across India. ... His relentless pursuit of establishing our products in every state of the country has not only propelled our domestic growth but also enabled us to expand into lucrative foreign markets, including Dubai, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.

Over the past ten years, Mr Surya's marketing stewardship established our conglomerate as a recognized name in the market while broadening our market reach and opening new avenues for growth.

In fact, if you are able to identify any of our brands instantly in India or abroad, it's likely due to Mr Surya's exceptional work in branding and marketing.
Y. Suresh Babu | Advisory Director | Delight Chemicals
Dr.Yakkala Suresh Babu
Advisory Director

A serial entrepreneur with 13 years of expertise in operations management, Mr Y Suresh Babu comes with a strong background in the healthcare industry. With a diverse range of experiences across various domains, he brings a rich wealth of market knowledge and management expertise to our board.

His strategic management guidance has been instrumental in aligning our production, execution, and distribution processes, optimizing productivity at every step in our last decade. Drawing from his extensive managerial and operational expertise, he has played a crucial role in facilitating the rapid expansion of our operations while ensuring maximum efficiency without disruptions.

His invaluable contributions enable us to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities, ensuring we stay ahead in this ever-evolving market landscape. With his expert guidance, we are confident in our ability to maintain operational excellence and achieve our strategic goals as we tread into our most competitive years ahead.

As we continue to grow and expand our presence in the industry, Mr Y Suresh Babu remains a crucial pillar for our future success.

Kotha Narender Kumar | Advisory Director | Delight Chemicals
Kotha Narender Kumar
Advisory Director

Bringing with him a wealth of 18 years of industry experience, Mr Kotha Narendra Kumar is highly regarded for his extensive expertise in the Indian cement, paint, and construction industry. His profound understanding of market dynamics, customer requirements, and emerging market trends is one of the primary reasons for our continued product success in the last ten years.

Beyond his extensive knowledge, our director's exceptional networking abilities and strong relationships with dealers and customers have proven instrumental in our success. By keeping his ears to the ground, he remains well-connected and up-to-date with our target audience's evolving preferences and expectations.

Serving as a catalyst for our continuous product innovation and customer satisfaction Mr Narender Kumar's contributions enables us to stay ahead of the competition.

Kotha Koteswara Rao Guptha | Chief Executive Officer | Delight Chemicals
Kotha Koteswara Rao Gupta
Chief Executive Officer
A master's degree holder in Chemical Engineering from the USA, Mr Gupta honed his skills and plied his trade as a Chemical Engineer in the United States. His return to India was motivated by his belief in the immense potential for growth and innovation in the Indian chemical industry, which led him to venture into Delight Chemicals.

With a robust technical foundation, Mr Gupta possesses an extraordinary repertoire of management, administrative, sales and marketing expertise which reshaped our operations and set in motion a remarkable era of digital transformation. His dedication and hard work paid off as he climbed the ranks and made his way to the CXO suite.

He spearheaded the establishment of our Maharashtra Unit, catapulting it into a flourishing powerhouse within a short time frame. The success of the Maharashtra Unit was a pivotal turning point which propelled our entry into diverse markets and accelerated our rapid expansion across India.... His visionary leadership paved the way for remarkable diversification, resulting in our organization flourishing into distinct companies, each excelling in their specialized operations. This gutsy and strategic move has been instrumental in driving our overall growth and resounding success in the last decade.

A proven multi-discipline leader, Mr Gupta, with his grass-root level experience, foresight vision, and new-age leadership skills, is the best person to lead Delight's future. The rapid and consistent success we achieved in recent years stands as a compelling testament to his exceptional capabilities and reaffirms his position as the ideal leader.
V.Anil Kumar | Chief Operating Officer | Delight Chemicals
Vudatha Anil Kumar
Chief Operating Officer
As the Chief Operating Officer of our Delight, Mr Anil Kumar is responsible for running and overseeing all aspects of our business operations – production, managerial & financial.

With dual post-graduate degrees in Network Management and Business Administration from London, Mr. Anil Kumar brings a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen to our CXO suite. He leverages his distinctive business and technical knowledge to lead our operations, optimize our business processes, and drive operational efficiency. Under his leadership, our Maharashtra plant forged a new path of success, setting a new record in operational productivity.

Mr Anil Kumar is also responsible for our marketing strategy and execution for the division of industrial supplies. Incidentally, he was also instrumental in driving the rapid technological transformation at Delight. ... Under his strategic guidance and supervision, Delight swiftly embraced state-of-the-art production technology and implemented cutting-edge advancements in instrumentation, positioning the company at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.

A cross-functional leader, his mastery of operations & financial management, marketing strategy and digital transformation have made him an indispensable cornerstone of our leadership team.
CA. Kotha Sai Krishna | Chief Financial Advisor | Delight Chemicals
CA. Kotha Sai Krishna
Chief Financial Advisor

As a seasoned Chartered Accountant with 15+ years of experience, Mr Sai Krishna has been a critical driver in guiding our company's financial decisions towards profitability and sustained growth.

As Chief Financial Advisor of Delight, Mr Sai Krishna is responsible for ensuring that our company's financial operations are conducted with the highest standards of transparency and integrity. He also plays a crucial role in managing financial operations, providing strategic financial guidance, ensuring tax compliance, and overseeing budgeting and forecasting. Working hand-in-glove with our executive and financial team, Mr Sai develops effective financial strategies that align with our business objectives and goals.

Under his financial stewardship, Delight Chemicals has recorded a rock-solid financial performance leading to our consistent and sustainable business growth in this decade. We are fortunate to have Mr Sai Krishna as our Chief Financial Advisor.