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Suryacem Annual Dealer Meet – Celebrating our Success with an Extravagant Gala Night in Nagpur

October is the month we eagerly await at Delight Chemicals, a time of joy and jubilation. It's the annual Dealer Meeting, a spectacular celebration where we come together to celebrate the achievements of the past year and Honor the dedication of our dealer family.

This year was no exception. Thanks to the exceptional efforts of our Suryacem dealers in Nagpur and Vidharba, the results were nothing short of outstanding this year. And it is our side of the deal to celebrate this success with a sensational party and lovely gala for our dealer family.

Surya Cem Annual Dealer Meet - Cometh October, Cometh the Celebration

Our chosen venue was Center Point, a place with heritage and elegance. It was here that we eagerly welcomed our dealer network, transforming the venue into a vibrant party paradise, abuzz with lively lighting and a peppy atmosphere.

The festivities kicked off with toe-tapping dance performances, setting the mood for what was to follow – exciting contests where our dealers participated with zest. Dealers from Nagpur and Vidharba graced the occasion, and our meeting commenced with a traditional 'Jyothi Prajwalan' lighting ceremony led by our inspiring women leaders.

The top management, invited by the regional head of Nagpur and Vidharba, graced the stage. The event began with an uplifting speech by Shri Vudatha Rama Vara Prasada Rao, welcoming our dealers' families. This was followed by Mr. Kotha Sivaiah providing insights into the progress, goals, and accomplishments of our Suryacem dealers.

Reflecting on Progress and Commending Excellence

Hearing about the remarkable progress achieved by our dealers in Nagpur and Vidharba was invigorating. They had taken on challenges, displayed their commitment, and achieved their goals in the prescribed time, and this was acknowledged at the start of the event, setting the stage for the celebrations to unfold.

Our CEO, Mr. Kotha Koteswara Rao Gupta, and COO, Mr. Vudatha Anil Kumar, shared in-depth insights into the yearly progress, performance, and dealer goals. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the dealers for their excellent contributions and commitment towards our shared goals.

Celebrating Success with an Extravagant Night of Awards, Dance, Laughter & Cheer

The best performers received accolades and prizes for their dedication, setting an exemplary example for the others. Taking this opportunity, a new 76-day challenge for the Suryacem dealers that sets a new challenge with exciting prizes such as fully paid trips to Goa, TVs, and appliances for the top performers, has been unveiled.

The energy continued as our dance performers took the stage, infusing the hall with electrifying moves. Their performance showcased the spirit of the evening, blending Bollywood and Tollywood hits, ensuring everyone was on their feet and immersed in the celebration.

The night was an exhilarating mix of dance, cheers, and celebration, followed by a sumptuous meal that brought our dealer families together. The feast celebrated our collective achievements and marked our bond as a Surya family.

This prestigious dealers' meeting is our annual family gathering, where the entire Surya family comes together to celebrate our successes, recognize the best performers, and set new challenges and goals for the year ahead.

Here's to new challenges, more success, and bigger parties in the coming year.

Wishing us all the best of luck!